P. Ramlee
A Tribute to the Legend

P. Ramlee was the inimitable, charismatic and multi talented Malaysian screen legend who epitomized Malay cinema and had a huge following in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia in the 50s and 60s, whose reversal of fortune in the 70s left him scorned and forgotten by his fans.

Yet long after his death in 1973, there was a seismic resurgence of interest in his films and a clamor for everything ‘P. Ramlee’ which has endured to this day.

His is a story that even P. Ramlee, the master storyteller himself, could not have dreamed of. Today, loved by young and old alike, his films and songs have attained cult status in Malaysia and are regularly screened on TV, gaining him new generations of fans. In his final years, broke and broken, he had despaired of ever recovering his magic and getting the recognition he craved. In what must be one of life’s little ironies, in death…he became a superstar.

This is my tribute.

One of P. Ramlee's famous movie was "Ibu Mertuaku"  http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/c/c5/IbuMertuaku.jpg. The film's story revolves around the tragic love affair between Kassim Selamat, a poor musician, and Sabariah, the only daughter of a wealthy woman. The movie is notable in that the opening act starts out as a light-hearted romantic comedy, but at the 30 minute mark turns into a dramatic tragedy. Like a number of P. Ramlee's works, the film criticizes the unofficial caste system that separates the wealthy from the poor. This film is considered a Malaysian classic, and is remembered for the song "Di Mana Kan Ku Cari Ganti" and a famous eye-stabbing scene during the film's climax.

Kassim Selamat was a stage name derived from P. Ramlee's character from the movie for a 60's pop singer who sang with The Swallows. This poster below was made as a tribute to all of them.
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