Codelaju - Logo Redesign and Rebranding
Design and rebranding proposal for Codelaju. Codelaju is the brainchild of a close friend of mine Rafique Maricar who saw the urgency and need to empower communities with basic coding skills. Codelaju conducts workshops and training modules to teach people the craft of building websites. Rafique is a very skilled and passionate individual when it comes to teaching others with regards coding and one day aspires to grow Codelaju into an academy. tTo find out more please visit
The design approach was to use a more minimal and consistent design, using the use of bold colours with simple typography throughout the brand so the transition throughout the various collaterals would seem seamless.
Pre & Post Rebranding Exercise
Logo Design Options
Brand Direction
Marketing Poster
Stationery Design
Program Manual - Guide
Workshop - Marketing Poster
Workshop - T-Shirt
CodeLaju Academy - Proposal
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