Bursa Malaysia Fabric Recycling Bin Design
As part of Bursa Malaysia's sustainability goals was to collaborate with Kloth Cares as a fabric recycling partner as part of their Fabric Recycling Campaign. I was engaged to design the artwork for Bursa Malaysia's Fabric Recycling Bin which they called "Textile Bank".

Kloth Lifestyle's Fabric Recycling partner, Life Line Clothing Malaysia (LLCM) fabric bins can be found located throughout the Klang Valley area and states as far as Johor. The bins functioned as collection points for fabric recycling whereby the clothes, fabrics, textiles collected will be reused & repurposed in line with the campaign objectives of Reducing Fabrics to Landfills.

The brief from Bursa Malaysia was to use a vibrant and colourful design approach one which would make the bin stand out in its location and yet incorporate the symbols of the stock market, the bull and the bear into the artwork. This was exactly the brief I was waiting for considering most of the bins looked plain and were an easy target for Ah Long (Loan Sharks) stickers.

My approach was to use geometrical shapes and patterns, mirror reflections of one another and subtly introducing the bull and bear symbols hidden into the pattern. The partners which were made of Bursa Malaysia, Selangor Youth (SAY), LLCM and Kloth Lifestyle were a pleasure to work with on this project.

According to Mr Zaki Suratman - Project Manager for Lifeline Clothing Malaysia "..with over 900 bins located throughout Malaysia, the Bursa bin is the most vibrant and colourful to date, definitely bringing life and colour towards the initiative.."

Design Concept - Proposal
Colour Selection
Visual Mockups
Actual Bin
E-Banner Design
To know more and be a part of the fabric recycling movement checkout www.kloth.com.my
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